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Uchida-san wa Zettai ni Gyaru Janai!

A gyaru on the outside but an otaku on the inside
Naruse Arata an otaku who loves Riri Gyaru meets a girl who looks exactly like Ririchamu a character from Riri Gyaru at the entrance ceremony of his high school
The excitement is shortlived however as the girl turns out to be Uchida Hina a fellow otaku from the same middle school
After a lot of effort Uchidasan has visually become Narusekuns favorite gyaru and shes excited that she can finally go out with Narusekun whom shes loved since middle school but
What Naruse likes is a girl whos a gyaru on the inside
Can an otaku become a gyaru on the inside
A fourpanel romantic comedy in which Uchidasan tries her best in love but is adorably futile
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Uchida-san wa Zettai ni Gyaru Janai!
Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Author ISSHIKI Itaru
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